In this section, we would like to have detailed information about the CryptoCars for your further understanding.
The Gameplay for CryptoCars was considered one of the simplest and the most fun-to-play games in the NFT GameFi industry. We not only focus on the economy of how to balance between inflow and outflow of the tokens inside the game, but also the joyfulness and excitement to play is our main concentration as well.

Statistics of a car

Stats Points
Each car has 4 statistics points:
  • Speed
  • Power
  • Drift
  • Fuel
We will have a detailed section about the effect of statistics points in the game, especially PvP, read more at "Upgrade Car" Part.
As a player in CryptoCars, your mission is to win races (PvP, PvC racing) to get tokens (CCAR), experience points, and materials. To participate in a race, cars need fuel. With the fuel, you can refill once a day with 2 CCAR for each car for a fuel fee.
When you gain enough experience points, you can use materials to upgrade your car with Item Box and these materials and cars can be resold on the Marketplace.
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