PvC Racing
Player vs Computer
Players can join 4 - 6 PvC racing every day.
1. Download the CryptoCars App and Login
First, download the CryptoCars App to your device to experience PvC mode.
🚘 Android:
Moreover, don't forget to vote 5 stars for the game
🚖 iOS:
3. Accept & install CryptoCars
Then, you must take the username and password from the website. CryptoCars already had a post on the channel about this question, players can watch again to get an ID and Pass to login into the game on mobile phone: https://t.me/cryptocarschannel/248
2. Enjoy the PvC with your cars
Choose the car you want to participate in the game against computer
Then, please enjoy your own game, collect as much coin on the road as possible to have more rewards.
The rewards for winners:
    On-road Items (Coming soon)
    Experience points.
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