Play to Earn Model

Getting started

1. First buy CCAR token
2. Log in to the website using your Metamask wallet (using BSC Main Network)
3. Buy 1 box (600 CCAR + 20 CCAR for register plate number and 5 days refueling) or you can choose cars being sold on the marketplace
Open Blind Box to have chance to own valuable cars
Marketplace to buy higher level cars
4. There are 3 modes you can participate in: Virtual Race, PvC and PvP
Virtual Race
PvC (Player vs Computer)
PvP ( player vs player ) (coming soon in Q4 2021)
5. If you want to play PvC, at first you need to get username and password
How to get username for mobile login

How you earn and spend CCAR inside the game

  • Win virtual races, PvC, PvP racing (Read more at Gameplay category)
  • Sell materials that you get through the racing game (Coming soon)
  • Sell cars (on the marketplace)
  • Buy the first car (Blind Box or Marketplace)
  • Buy materials to upgrade the current car or create a new car
  • Buy another car (on Marketplace)
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