Q1 2021: Technology researching: Blockchain, NFT. (Completed)
Q2 2021: The beginning of CryptoCars game development. (Completed)
Q3 2021:
    August 20: (Random 500 wallet will win the whitelist)
    August 21:
      Open feature Unbox Car (+15% rare lucky rate) by buy a blind box with price 200CCAR.
      Staking Car to get exp points (x2 exp).
      Pancake Swap listing 8M CCAR (8% total supply) with price: 0.06$ at UTC August 21, 4:00 PM
    August 22: Open feature Staking CCAR.
    August 25: Open feature Virtual Races for farming.
    August 30: Open Marketplace for trading
      Mobile Game version (Android & iOS) for farming on PvC Racing.
      Car Workshop.
Q4 2021:
    Car Upgrade.
    PvP Racing.
    Car Staking.
    Lease cars.
Q1 2022: Tournament championship.
Q2 2022: CryptoCars Open World.
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