Chapter 1: CryptoCars City Foundation
In a far and distant future, humans are on the verge of extinction from years of battling climate change and pollution. Humans have become drastically dependent on robots and artificial technology for everything. Dr. Devais, one of the few survivors, is working on a technology that would “bring mechanics to life” to restore the human race.
Dr. Devais was also the person to discover the location of a strange, green-ish type of fuel. The combination of this new fuel and his earlier invention, a smart chip, has created an entire advanced line of devices and machines that are able to analyze and think like human beings.
The doctor attached the chips imbued with the green fuel onto his first 3 robots.
His first robot, SO-I was not as expected. It malfunctioned, became frantic, obedient, and ran away shortly after the chip installation. Dr. Devais thought there must be something missing with his chips. He kept his remaining 2 robots in the lab, continued to improve and upgrade in hope that they would become “friendlier” machines.
The doctor is also working on a separate type of chips and has been experimented, not on robots, but cars. He hopes to transform them into smarter machines and eventually succeeds. The cars come to life, along with that a dedicated town was created to serve as home to these special cars. Car stops/workshops of a unique type of fuel can be found across the city. Only when loaded with this fuel will the chips be activated. Fishie Cookie is the town mayor…
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