Chapter 2: To the moon
Nick - "Wait for me, dad! Wait for me, Mau"
In another scenario, SO-I, the one imbued with the smart chips who went bananas on the doctor and ran away, comes to a big city to take over the world. SO-I knew about the green fuel that the old doctor was experimenting on and was scheming to steal it but couldn’t find the mining location. The only place he could steal it, for now, is in the cars and the workshops. Then, SO-I kidnapped the doctor to get his hands on the whereabouts of the deposit but the doctor resisted. Before being taken, he activated the remaining 2 cat robots, Neik and Mau.
After the activation, Neik and Mau were programmed to keep the car town and the fuel mine safe. They contacted Fishie, the mayor, to discuss 2 plans: the town protection plan and the rescue of Dr. Devais plan. They realized during the discussion that cars can not protect themselves. Dr. Devais did not arm them with any weapons to do so.
At that same moment, a mysterious force learned about the fuel and successfully captured Mau. They keep Mau on the moon, study the technology of the chip and the green fuel inside Mau. Neik and the mayor split the plans. Neik will build a plane, with life and the utmost technology and weapons, and fly to the moon to rescue Mau. The citizens of car town alongside Fishie will be looking for Dr. Devais...
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